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re-sized bull riding

2009 | 16 February - 0 Comments

Professional Bull Riders – so, so extreme

A new one for us but surely Professional Bull Riding (PBR) has to be considered one of the most extreme of all sports – if …

Bungee Jumping at Bloukrans Bridge
re-sized jungle marathon brazil

2008 | 4 December - 0 Comments

The Jungle Marathon

There is a 200kms version, run in 6 stages, and a 100 kms version, run in 4 stages. …

re-sized Orion health ecomotion

2008 | 10 November - 0 Comments

Orionhealth.com from New Zealand are crowned the 2008 Adventure Racing World Champions

This race is all about which team manages the sleep strategy best. Of course that is only a small part of the total, but …

re-sized AR Brazil

2008 | 3 November - 0 Comments

Adventure Racing World Championships in Brazil

Brazil is hosting this year’s Adventure Racing World Championship in the states of Piauí, Ceará and Maranhão. It will …

Latest round of IFWA Jet Ski World Championship announced
re-sized Killers

2008 | 26 July - 3 Comments

The World’s Most Extreme Waves – The Americas

Since the ancient Hawaiians first slid shoreward on their hand-carved Olo boards, riding the biggest wave of the day has …