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re-sized Damien Hobgood - Teahupoo

2011 | 29 August - 0 Comments

Irene makes a handful of people happy and the Typhoon affects others

Some extreme weather conditions around the world create some extreme surfing conditions …

re-sized Teahupoo

2011 | 24 August - 0 Comments

Will Teahupoo deliver as forecast?

Is this the world’s most dangerous wave? …

re-sized Jeffries Bay

2009 | 14 July - 0 Comments

Billabong Pro at Jeffreys Bay got off to a good start for some yesterday.

A late start, but off at last, the Billabong Pro is starting its second day today. The waves at the legendary South African …

re-sized Jeffreys Bay

2009 | 10 July - 0 Comments

They’re surfing in South Africa right now…

Jeffreys Bay is the heart of South Africa’s surfing spots and offers some of the country’s best and most extreme waves. …