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re-sized barreef

2011 | 11 July - 0 Comments

Big Waves in Newcastle, Australia

Big Wave surfing in New South Wales …

re-sized The Wedge

2009 | 28 July - 0 Comments

The Wedge is in its element

That storm, coupled with a high tide, has created monster waves that have been pounding the coastline. 20 ft waves + are …

re-sized tsunami

2009 | 20 June - 0 Comments

WOW – extreme surfing

This is taking extreme sports to the limits – surfing a tsunami wave! …

re-sized Mavericks

2009 | 14 April - 0 Comments

Maverick’s Big Wave Surf competition has been called off.

As it happens, very sadly the world-renowned Mavericks Surf Contest near Half Moon Bay will not happen this year, making …

re-sized flat sea

2009 | 1 April - 0 Comments

Are extreme weather conditions set to affect yet another competition?

What is happening to our weather? Maverick’s Surf Contest window may have to be extended… and it’s not that the weather …

re-sized surfing big waves

2008 | 26 December - 0 Comments

Big Waves to think about this weekend…

Some of the biggest waves ever surfed… …

re-sized teahupoo-hobgood

2008 | 10 October - 0 Comments

Big Wave Champions

Two Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Award videos to titivate your senses… …

re-sized Cortez Bank

2008 | 29 July - 0 Comments

Mike Parsons surfs Cortez Banks

Well, we’ve done a trilogy of articles on surfing but here’s Mike Parston’s actually surfing Cortes Bank back in January …

re-sized Laird Hamilton

2008 | 22 May - 0 Comments

Is Laird Hamilton The Greatest Big Wave Surfer Ever?

Laird Hamilton conquered Tahiti’s Teahupo’o on the morning of August 17th, 2000 when his death-defying drop into the big …