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2012 | 6 October - 1 Comment

Is there good climbing at the Vermillion Clliffs of Arizona?

A spectacular trail in the Vermillion Cliffs region …

re-sized paragliding

2011 | 14 September - 0 Comments

Paragliding at its very very best

Less extreme than wingsuit flying, but allowing you to soar like an eagle, this is one wonderful extreme sport. …


2011 | 15 June - 0 Comments

Some climbing at Mount Lemmon, Arizona

A grrrreat rock climbing and bouldering area… …

re-sized oakCreekCanyon

2009 | 12 November - 0 Comments

Looking for some great one-day climbing, extreme enough to get your adrenaline pumping?

You can find some fantastic one-day climbing at Oak Creek Canyon whose south western side is formed by Wilson Mountain, a …