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sarah outenkayak

2013 | 27 September - 1 Comment

Sarah Outen is on Terra Firma in the Aleutian Islands

She did it! Japan to Alaska in 150 days. …


2013 | 29 January - 0 Comments

Tom Burt – one of snowboarding’s greatest

Tom Burt is one of the premier big-mountain snowboarders …

re-sized crags

2012 | 12 May - 1 Comment

The de la Rue brothers make extreme snowboarding look easy

Mon dieu – the boys have balls! …

re-sized Iditarod

2012 | 14 March - 0 Comments

The longest and most difficult race in the world ends on a high for Dallas Seavey

The mushers have begun to cross the finish line at the end of the world’s longest and hardest race …

re-sized yukon quest

2011 | 17 March - 0 Comments

The Yukon Quest – another formidable dog sled race

The Iditarod is known as “the Last Great Race in the World”, the Yukon Dog Sled race is known as ‘The Toughest Sled Dog …

feature for polar exploration

2011 | 26 February - 6 Comments

An extraordinary life – Colonel Norman D. Vaughan

A man who always dreamed big and dared to fail, Norman D Vaughan was an early polar explorer, an Iditarod musher, a mountaineer …

Iditarod 2011

2011 | 22 February - 1 Comment

The 2011 Iditarod begins 5th March – The Last Great Race in the World

The last great race in the world and certainly one of the most extreme, The Iditarod pits man and his dogs against nature …


2011 | 21 February - 0 Comments

Adventure Racing 2011 is well underway… and February is choc-full of extreme events

An event for extreme winter ultra-athletes only, the annual Iditarod Trail Invitational begins next week. February is full …


2011 | 9 February - 1 Comment

Kitesurfing the Bering Strait

The Bering Strait lie just south of the Arctic Circle and are subject to seriously extreme weather. The Maurice Lacroix Bering …


2011 | 20 January - 1 Comment

A rare tidal bore and a unique opportunity for a few lucky surfers

An extreme surf experience would be to catch the tidal bore at Turnagain Arm in Alaska and ride it for 45 minutes. Imagine …


2010 | 13 July - 0 Comments

I dream of skiing…


2010 | 12 March - 5 Comments

The most extreme cycle race in the world

Patti Brehler who participated in the 1990 February race said, “Anybody can mountain bike on a wooded trail. For a real challenge, …