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re-sized aaron hadlow

2013 | 26 June - 0 Comments

Aaron Hadlow on the loose with Susie Mai

Perfect kite surfing conditions – smooth wind, good kickers and flat on the inside. …

re-sized kitesurfing

2012 | 6 May - 0 Comments

Fun kitesurfing video

Some good footage here …

re-sized Aaron Hadlow

2012 | 18 February - 1 Comment

Aaron Hadlow struts his stuff

Since Aaron Hadlow left the competition circle he hasn’t been sitting on his laurels …

re-sized gisela

2011 | 20 September - 0 Comments

3 superb Captains and a battle being fought with kites not cannons

An extreme kitesurfing battle looming on the horizon. …

re-sized ruben lenten

2011 | 28 March - 1 Comment

Extreme kitesurfing with Ruben Lenten and Aaron Hadlow…

Dedicated to the sport of kitesurfing, Ruben Lenten and Aaron Hadlow want to show the world what the sport is all about …

re-sized kites on beach

2008 | 28 August - 0 Comments

Some tips on what kite surfing kit to buy

You have done a kite surfing course or two and understand the danger. You have been out on a few day trip by yourself and …