Extreme weather

Last night at about 9pm we were about to settle down and watch a movie – ping – the lights flashed and fluttered and came back to life – good, the credits rolled and outside the wind howled. Pop – total darkness, oh damn – out came the candles, a look outside, it was the whole area – none of the neighbours had any power – what to do – no power, no video, no television, no light, no internet connection, no telephone – go to bed.

The point being we are SO dependent on the modern conveniences of life and so this storm raging outside, and here we have to admit it was not extreme, got me thinking to do some research into extreme storms and what the consequences might be.

The first port of call has been the IPCC – the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – and their technical paper VI entitled Climatic Change and Water and dated June 2008. Its a 214 page document, lets delve into the executive summary.

Its italicised opening paragraph reads, and we quote, ‘….abundant evidence that freswater resources are vulnerable……….with wide ranging consequences for human societies and ecosystems’.

In the interest of the readers time we will quote a few other sound bites.

‘ Increased precipitation intensity and variability are projected to increase the risks of flooding and drought in many areas’….

‘Higher water temperatures and changes in extremes, including floods and droughts, are projected to affect water quality and exacerbate many forms of water pollution’……

‘Changes in water quantity and quality due to climate change are expected to affect food availability, stability, access and utilisation’…….

‘Water resources management clearly impacts on many other policy areas, e.g., energy, health, food security and nature conservation’.

And the editors of the IPCC – Polish, Australian, Chinese and British………..impartial we suggest.

So the consequences of not changing our ways is huge as you can see in the video below…

Thanks to the BBC Worldwide and did you catch the soundbite ‘it would destroy a culture in todays world’. Sensationalist? We guess only time will tell.


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