Extreme weather conditions in the States

Ok, so this is just a weekend ‘funny’. Actually I’m not sure it’s that funny but you know what it’s like when it’s someone else’s misfortune and not your own – it’s always funny when viewed from a distance – candid-camera sort-of stuff! but…. “ouch”, and …. “oooh”, and….. “oh my god”. What more can you say? “hahaha” ? …. not funny!

The sun is shining and that extreme weather is hopefully behind us – wherever you are! Have a lovely weekend.


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  1. Jo Green
    2011 | 11 February at 18:29 #

    It was funny seeing the people fall down, but the car crashes make me cringe! I couldn’t imagine smashing up my poor car like that. It seems like all of those people were going way too fast for the weather conditions.

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