Extreme weather

As our regular readers will know this is a subject about which we sometimes rant. And today we have to find ourselves apologising as here in the south of France we have been affected by our own extreme weather.

For two days now we have been lashed by severe rain which has dumped another 10 inches of rain, and that is on top of the 10 inches that fell in both October and November. which is more than you would expect for this area in a whole year – mind that has been after one of the driest periods, which went on for 5 years – and so it is not as if it wasn’t needed.

The consequence of this heavy rain has been to knock our internet connection out and hence the apology as we were unable to get online yesterday.

But we have heard of the dreadful weather that the north eastern United States has been suffering from and although we have been unable to locate any footage of the current troubles you have been experiencing there is plenty of print.

CBC news reports, ‘A storm that has blanketed much of the northeastern United States in ice has left 1.25 million homes and businesses without electricity, and officials say the power outages could last for several more days.

Parts of New England were hit with freezing rain that began late Thursday and continued Friday.

The storm hit seven states, striking New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine and New York the hardest. The governors of New Hampshire and Massachusetts have both declared a state of emergency.

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick said power outages will continue throughout the weekend and “longer than Monday” for some areas. He said officials will know more after debris is cleared in the next few days.

Gov. John Lynch of New Hampshire said the power may be out for some until Wednesday. At a news conference Friday, Lynch said the ice storm was an “unprecedented event.”‘

So our sincere sympathy goes out to you guys but you know what – these freak conditions are happening more and more often and in more and more places around the world – and note John Lynch of New Hampshire said, ‘the storm was an unprecedented event’.

That means it hasn’t happened before……….come on guys, we’ve gotta do something about the way we are living before its too late. The trouble with that is that its human nature to put things off, to procrastinate. Time for change…….time to be proactive.

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