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“Wing over the Pacific”

Anne Quéméré is an extraodinary woman who has taken extreme sports to extreme levels.

She is the only woman to have rowed solo and without assistance across the Atlantic Ocean in both directions. She completed these feats by rowing the Trade Winds route in 2002 and then the Northern route in 2004, 56 days and 87 days respectively.

Portrait shot of Anne Quemere

In the summer of 2006 she created another world first – she set out from New York, heading to Ouessant (France), again sailing solo and without assistance, in an Oceankite, a 5.5 metre (18 foot) prototype craft propelled by kites.

On Thursday 23rd October (tomorrow) she will set sail from San Francisco in a bid to become the first person to kite surf across the Pacific Ocean – again in her Oceankite.

She will use the Pacific winds to propel her the 7000 kms (4,350 miles) across the Pacific to French Polynesia. The voyage is expected to take around three months.

“It’s an incredible adventure and I’ve met wonderful people who afforded me the opportunity of fulfilling this challenge. The emotions run high as we look to the months ahead. What more can one want?” she says the day before her departure.

“I’m leaving Thursday, departing from the wharf at around 11am (1800 GMT). We had planned for Friday but the weather is going to be more favorable on Thursday so we wanted to take advantage of that window.”

Thank you to Anne, annequem1 for this video taken from the Atlantic crossing.

We wish her the very best of luck and will give you details on her progress over the next few months.


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