Windsurfing – so extreme in Hawaii

Fantastic footage below from Snake Bite Films who at the end of March got together at Ho’kipa on Maui – one of the Hawaiian islands – with some of the world’s top windsurfers to see who could land the biggest back loop and who would make the greatest jump height. We have no way of authenticating the technology being used to make the measurements of the jumps but we’re not bothered.

Whatever these guys did or did not jump we marvel at –  this is windsurfing at its best and being demonstrated at its most extreme level. Awesome stuff.

Levi Silver won with a 52.7 foot backloop and Boujmaa Guillou produced a jump of an incredible 62 feet – these guys are crazy. Also seen in action are Camille Juban, Kauli Saedi, Kai Lenny, Kai Katchadorian, Russ Faurot, Whit Poor and Kevin Pritchard.

Thanks to JakeTheSnake77 for sharing this video.

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