William Trubridge's record breaking 100m freedive

William Trubridge’s Record Breaking 100m Freedive

We were promised the video and here it is… the first completely unassisted freedive to 100m. Project Hector was an oustanding success.

The HECTOMETER freedive from william trubridge on Vimeo.

Remember that this depth is more than three times the depth limit for recreational scuba diving and it would be considered suicidal to go this deep breathing from a normal scuba tank of air.

It is also worth reminding you of  other extreme dangers of diving to this depth… at 100 metres the pressure exerted by overhead water will crush the lungs to the size of a small grapefruit and the blood vessels inside them will swell with blood to stop the lungs from imploding. The heart slows to 25 beats a minute and you have to fight the narcotic effects of pressurised carbon dioxide and nitrogen – the so-called ‘rapture of the deep’ that tempts you towards a fateful sleep.

It is a truly extraordinary achievement. Our congratulations again to William Trubridge and his competent team.

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