William Trubridge has spectacularly broken his own freediving record

I’m not sure how many people thought that this was an impossible dream, or who thought there was no ways he could swim down to 100m unassisted … or if he did that he may well kill himself in the trying…. but, to all doubters out there, yesterday he free dived down to 100m and back, successfully and safely!

William Trubridge has broken his own record…

photo taken by Paolo Valenti


Today, at 11:43am local time in the Bahamas, New Zealander William Trubridge dove 100 meters into Dean’s Blue Hole on Long Island with a single breath of air and only his hands and feet to propel him down and up.

This historic depth, also known as one hectometer, was first reached in 1980 (the year of Trubridge’s birth) by Jacques Mayol, famous for being portrayed in the movie “The Big Blue.”  However Mayol used a weighted sled to descend and an inflated lift bag to return to the surface.  Trubridge wore no weight for his attempt (just an Orca wetsuit), and swam underwater breaststroke next to a descent line, which he could use as a guide only.  At 100 meters he collected a tag as proof of depth (the depth is also validated by a Suunto depth gauge he wears on his wrist), before swimming back to the surface.

It was William’s 13th freediving world record, and set on the 13th of December.  Thirteen has traditionally been a lucky number for his family, who set sail on Friday the 13th of January 1982 to cross the Atlantic and Pacific oceans to arrive in New Zealand, where William and his brother Sam were raised.

The dive attempt, called Project Hector, was dedicated to the Hector’s Dolphin.  It is the littlest dolphin in the world, and the only one that is endemic to New Zealand, but the species is threatened with extinction, and a bill being considered by the Minister of Fisheries could determine it’s fate.

photo taken by Paolo Valenti


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2 Responses to “William Trubridge has spectacularly broken his own freediving record”

  1. Linda Eger
    2011 | 13 January at 17:30 #

    I would like to license Paolo Valenti’s photo of William Trubridge’s record drive.

    Please help me locate the photographer, please.

    Thank you.

    • lolajones
      2011 | 14 January at 08:45 #

      Morning Linda. I suggest you go directly to W.Trubridge’s website http://www.verticalblue.net. They will be able to advise you on how to contact Paolo.

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