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Which Kite Board to buy?

When we walked outside first thing this morning there was not a breath of wind – huh – no good for kite surfing we mused and wandered back inside to have our first cup of tea. But it got us thinking – kite surfing – its getting to that time of year – when isn’t it? – when you will see more and more people out on the sea riding their kite boards. Yes – but which kite board?

For those of you who may be new to the sport the videos below are a must see. And for those seasoned pros the depth of knowledge that KHK Kiteboarding goes into in discussing the make up of the board, the components used, the accessories required and what this will mean to the performance of a board makes the second video a must see.

So the first video is all about choosing which board or boards to buy. Body weight to board height and width ratios are discussed – will it be a 158 x 40 board for a 200lbs bloke. What are the advantages of the bigger board over the smaller board – more volume, less kite power, lighter winds, floatability. Or should you go for a smaller board of say 127 cms allowing you to take to the water with more wind, a board that will give you more ‘popping’ power and the ability to do more tricks.

Of course it rather depends on your prowess and the style of kite surfer you are – are you an aggressive rider wanting to fly through the sky doing tricks all the time or are you more of a cruiser? Whatever your situation you will not be surprised that KHK Kiteboarding are telling us that you will need to buy at least two boards……..and they are probably right.

The only thing we would add is that you must try before you commit!

The second part of the blog on which kite board to choose goes into rather more detail on the construction of the board – the various components used, the flexibilty of the board, what makes it flexible, the shape, the accessories – foot pads, foot straps, centre handle, fins – and what helps to give you the control of the board. All in all good instuctional stuff on what kind of board(s) to go for – lets not forget this is not an insignificant purchase in terms of $s.

So there you have it and after two cups of tea and some toast guess what – the wind has started to blow and there is not a cloud in the sky…….mmmmmmmmm very tempting, lets hope our cable trade works out and we can take some time out!

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