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What Records have been broken in the Freediving world?

Some of the latest events in the freediving world are the recent championships at Sharm El Sheikh, 2 new Dynamics records in Italy and a new woman’s freediving world record in the Dynamic No Fins discipline during a national competition on 9th August at Porirua’s aquatic centre, New Zealand.

Natalia Molchanova, Russian, has been named the best female freediver in the world – ever. She currently holds 21 world records in all six competition disciplines of freediving. She was classed as the top freediver in the world in 2005 and 2006 – even over and above the men… Here’s a wonderful video of the two of them.

She has won 8 gold medals at the Freediving World Championships creating new world records with each medal and in Lignano, Italy she and Alexei set two new World Records in Dynamic Apnea – 250m for Alexei and 214m for Natalia.

Kathyrn McPhee broke the woman’s freediving Dynamics No Fins record achieving a dive of 151m. The dive took a total of 2 mins 48 secs and is her first world record. This record was originally held by Natalia Molchonova with a dive of 149m in 2007.

And finally, the 2008 World Team Championships were held at Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt 1 – 12 September. This competition was so close – so close that until the very last dive no-one really knew which way the competition was going to go. It was also the most contested competition that has yet been held with plenty of controversial calls from other contestants and some extroadinary turn-overs from the judges. The spirit of competition was evident and the desire to win palpable.

The main men’s event was eventually won by the French team and their ‘joie de vivre’ at their spectacular success was, apparently, something to behold!

The overall results were:

First Place WOMEN’s Team:

RUSSIA, 596,9 pts
(55m, 4’22” & 100m)
(65m, 5’42” & 99m)
(85m, 7’03” & 174m)
Second Place: USA, 537,0 pts

Third Place: Japan, 502,7 pts

First Place MEN’s Team:

FRANCE 738,7 pts
NERY Guillame, (98m, 6’10” & 138m)
MALDAME Christian,
(85m, 6’37” & 173m)
(80m, 6’04” & 194m)
Second Place: Czech Republic, 729,3 pts
Third Place: Finland, 703,9 pts

If you want to see Guillaume Néry in action go back to my 20th September article and the wonderful freediving/BMW ad at the end of the article.

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