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Waveskiing surfing – what is it?

First we did a little research – what is a wave ski – well its what you see below – photo courtesy of

So you sit on the ‘ski’ and strap yourself in with your feet under the foot straps and with your paddle you propel your ski to catch the surge of the incoming wave, as below – photo courtesy of

According to Wikipedia ‘Waveski Surfing is a dynamic sport combining the paddle power of a kayak with the manoeuvrability and performance of a surfboard. A Waveski resembles a thick surfboard, with a seat, fins, footstraps, and seatbelt.

The waveski rider or waveski surfer then uses a double ended paddle for motion while seated on the waveski. High performance skis weigh about 6 to 8 kg and are custom made, using epoxy resin and EPS foam, which makes the waveski light & strong.’

Here is a great video from virgilegwad of some action filmed on Australia’s Gold Coast quite recently.

Reckon it looks at lot easier than it is – that board can be no more than a foot wide.

Anyway it sure looks a lot of fun and there are many places where waveski bums hang out – France, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Brazil and on both coasts of the US. It is a fast growing sport – no wonder it looks a lot of fun. For further information may we suggest you visit

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