Vendee St Petersburg – the Baltic will decide

The main protagonists have just crossed under the Oresund Bridge which you can see below. It is the bridge that runs between Denmark and Sweden and marks the entry to the Baltic Sea. The inaugural Vendee St. Petersburg race for 50 foot multihulls started on Sunday from Saint-Gilles Croix de Vie, in Vendée, on France’s Atlantic coast with the first leg finishing in St. Petersburg, Russia. And there was little more than a frog’s pubic hair, split down the middle and sanded on both sides to separate Franck Yves Escoffier’s Crepes Whaou 3 from Yves le Blevec’s Actual.

The Oresund Bridge which links Denmark with Sweden – photo courtesy of

They still have about 550 miles of the Baltic to cross but unless there is a major upset, victory is now within the grasp of one of the two frontrunners.

The class rules for the Multi50 were drawn up to limit the cost of constructing and maintaining boats, while leaving enough room for designers and sailors to work their magic.

– Maximum length: 15.24 metres (50 feet)
– Maximum beam: 15.24 metres
– Maximum air draught: 23.77 metres
– Canting masts are forbidden
– Six sails on board including a storm sail and a mainsail
– It is forbidden to use certain expensive materials like titanium.
The use of carbon is also limited for some parts.

After the front 2 the race order is as follows:
  • 3rd Loic Fequet in Crepes Whaou 2, about 200 miles behind;
  • 4th Pierre Hingant in La Mer revele nos sens, about 350 miles behind;
  • 5th Anne Caseneuve in Naviguez Anne Caseneuve, about 380 miles behind;
  • 6th Lalou Roucayrol in Region Aquitaine – Port Medoc, about 480 miles behind;
  • 7th Erwan le Roux in Fenetre A – Cardinal, about 490 miles behind;
  • 8th Herve Cleris in CLM, about 500 miles behind;
  • 9th Etienne Hochede in Pir2, about 580 miles behind

The winner should arrive within the next 2 days and then it will be a matter of waiting for the stragglers before the return leg from St Petersburg toSaint-Gilles Croix de Vie starts. It is estimated the multihulls will be back in Vendee on June 4th or 5th.

For further information go to the race website which can be found using this link

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