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The PKRA and KSP unite

On the 17th May, 2011, the IKA announced that the kite wave world championship and the kite world ranking system, PKRA and KSP, would from this date be united as one body.

The amended world championship system now has two parts:

  1. There will be a combined point system in which points are awarded to each event depending on conditions, contest duration, judging and prize money, resulting in the KSP events having a higher number of points than the PKRA events, but keeping the point difference minimal to give PKRA riders the possibility to play a major role in the ongoing world ranking
  2. As agreed between PKRA and KSP a clause has been implemented that ensures that the world championship title is given away in the events with the most desirable conditions; these events are held through the KSP tour. The clause reads as follows: “The 2011 World Champion will be determined via the 3 events run by the KSP only. Should any of the KSP events fall under a Force Majeure, meaning any event or circumstance out of the association’s control; such as natural catastrophe, war, strike, riot, crime, act of God or any other reason that prevents the KSP from holding an event, the highest ranked PKRA event(s) will be used to bring the number of events to three.”

The PKRA have already held two events this year: one in Dakhla at the end of March and the other in Lanzarote in April. 3 events should remain, but the 3rd stop in Tenerife in August has officially been cancelled, which leaves 2 remaining PKRA events:

PKRA Wave Tour Event Dates
Stop 4: Gold Coast – Dec. 5 to Dec. 11 – Factor 6.0
Stop 5: South Africa – Dec. 26 – Dec 31 (TBC) – Factor 6.7

All 3 of the KSP events are still to come:

KSP World Championship Tour Dates
Stop 1: Le Morne, Mauritius — Sept. 23 to Oct. 2 – Factor 9.0
Stop 2: Pacasmayo, Peru — Oct. 21 to 30 – Factor 9.0
Stop 3: Sal, Cabo Verde — Dec. 2 to 12 – Factor 9.0

The PKRA events have unlimited entry restrictions although the 8 top seeded men and 4 top women will be pre-qualified automatically for the next event. In contrast, the KSP events have limited entry.  The top 8 ranked men and top 4 women riders have automatic entry and the 2011 PKRA wave ranking (with a deadline of August 15th – one month ahead of the first KSP event) will automatically be offered entry for the 2011 KSP Tour. That leaves 6 wildcard places for men and 3 for women of which 2 men’s and 1 woman’s place will be reserved for local competitors.

Details on the wildcard application process can be found on the IKA website. Any interested rider is encouraged to make his application as soon as possible (this deadline may have been passed). A jury will then decide on all applications and inform the affected riders.

The list of pre-qualified KSP Tour riders, through the 2011 PKRA ranking, has now been determined and includes the following riders:


Keahi De Aboitiz (AUS)
Fabio Nunez (BRA)
Filippe Ferreira (BRA)
Abel Lago (ESP)
Airton Cozzolino (ITA)
Mauricio Pedreira (BRA)
Thomas Paris (FRA)
Tom Hebert(FRA)



Kari Schibevaag (NOR)
Angela Peral (ESP)
Nuria Goma (ESP)
Almundena Naranjo (ESP)


Now, and here’s the reason for this post, while “these riders are pre-qualified for the KSP through their 2011 PKRA ranking, they will still need to secure their spot on this year’s Kite Surf Pro Tour by accepting their tour license BEFORE July 1, 2011. The listed riders above who have not already done so are asked to please contact the event organisers at to request their access to the private “Riders Area” on the KSP website where they can purchase their tour license and officially secure their spot on the 2011 KSP World Tour.”

Any pre-qualified rider who fails to secure his/her spot before July 1, 2011 will lose their right to participate on the 2011 KSP tour and their spot will go into the wild-card-pot.

KSP do not possess all of the email addresses or direct contact information of each individual pre-qualified rider, so if one of you happen to be reading this, or if anyone knows any of the above kiters, please contact them and urge them to get in touch with the KSP organisers at the above email address URGENTLY.


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