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The latest must-have toy – the JETBOARDER… ubercool

Ok, so this is brand new. The latest water sport. Certainly with the potential to be as extreme as you wish it!  The JetBoarder™ Jet Board is the latest water toy taking the world by storm. The ultimate ‘must have’ accessory for 2011.

The Jetboarder - 2011's must have water accessory

The Jetboarder

The JetBoard is a jet-propelled stand up watercraft, or Jet Surfboard

It’s an independent craft completely controlled by its rider and is capable of reaching speeds of up to 70km/h, however most JetRiders cruise around at 30 – 60 km/h. Not only does it have speed, but it has power and agility too. It is simple to operate, easy to ride. ‘If you can ride a bike, you can ride a Jet Board’ say Australian designers. Once you have mastered the ground rules you can make the ride as challenging as you dare.

The Jetboard is the same length as an ordinary surfboard. The Adventurer model weighs 85 kg and the Sports model – 91 kg. It has a 330cc 2 stroke engine with a non directional jet drive which means that to turn this board you have to lean. It has a simple handle that attaches you to the board, no handlebars, some models have no foot straps and no way of staying upright unless you learn how to surf in your first minute or two.

the jetobard with housing removed to show the engine in situ

The Jetboard is best on flat water when you start out, but experienced riders are getting into wave riding and even jumping. It is easy to transport, can be launched just about anywhere, and it uses hardly any petrol. However, it does create a bit of noise so bear that in mind when doing repeated circles infront of the same patch of beach!

As Jetboarder Australia say: “JetBoarding captures the natural power of a sideways stance and the thrill and excitement of surfing, water skiing, wake boarding, Kite Surfing and speed sports all in one. Even though there are similarities, JetBoarding is not expected to take over any of the associated sports, but to bring together these sports into an enhanced and different experience.”

Once you’ve mastered the technique of staying upright on the board (which isn’t difficult) you can then start playing… You can do G-force turns, nose riding, jumps, wave riding and tandem riding. As the board gets lighter, the upcoming extreme riders will only be limited by their imagination…

G-force turns on the Jetboard

G-force turns on the Jetboard

I expect we will be seeing quite a few of these in the bay of St. Tropez this year!

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