re-sized search for lost scuba divers

Missing scuba divers off Taiwan and once before off the Great Barrier Reef

Do you remember this happening off the Great Barrier Reef several years ago? Can you imagine the feeling of being “left behind”? It must be unimaginably terrifying. “Where are they, what’s happening, what shall we do, can you see a boat, can you see a spotter plane, can the spotter plane see you…?” It hardly bears thinking about. Can anyone remind me of what the results were at the GBF? I remember the rumours floating around for weeks, maybe months, but I’m ashamed to say I have forgotten the consequences. Perhaps I should Google it! Perhaps I will…

No trace of 8 missing divers found yet
The China Post news staff

PINGTUNG, Taiwan — A massive air and sea search failed to find any trace of the eight missing scuba divers for a second day in seas off Taiwan’s southern tip yesterday. Officials of the Coast Guard Administration (CGA) said the search mission will continue with emphasis on the seas east of southern Taiwan.

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