The fastest sailing boats in the world

We quite regularly blog about sailing at the extreme end of the scale – the likes of the Americas Cup and the Vendee Globe – and continuing in that theme we have done a little research into the world of  speed on the water and were intrigued to discover that as we write there is an attempt being made on the current world record for a sail boat over 500 metres.

The following comes from forwhich thanks, who reported yesterday from Namibia on how Sail Rocket and her skipper Paul Larsen are trying to reclaim their crown

‘Formerly the fastest sailboat in the world, SailRocket is making her final attempts at the outright speed sailing record this month, trying to steal the title from the big hydrofoil sailboat l’Hydroptere. One of these attempts ended in a dramatic boat crash on Tuesday, catapulting the little boat and her skipper into the air in a stunning flip, while the support team watched in horror from the sidelines.’

Sailrocket Boat Crash

It is believed Sail Rocket attained a speed of 53 knots before her crash, thankfully Larsen emerged unharmed but the boat was not so lucky suffering damage to its flaps. Only time will tell if she can be repaired for another attempt to be made.

Here is the Vestas SailRocket in action which gives you a good impression of how very close to the edge she is when sailing flat out. The video comes from paolosailtv

SailRocket lost the title in September to the spectacular French boat l’Hydroptere, skippered by Alain Thebault, which recorded a speed of 51.36 knots over 500 metres and also set a new record for the mile – when sailing off Hyere, France. In the video from yachtpals you can see her in action –

We wonder how long it will be before someone, some boat, beats this record – there are certainly many people trying including Thebault’s own team. It is after all an extreme title worth holding.


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