The advantages of surfing with a camera…

… or should I say the disadvantages?

This is pretty nasty and follows a story I’ve just been reading about one of my favourite spots on the South African east coast – a place called Port St. Johns on the Wild Coast… a little bit further south than PSJ is one of the best places in the world to stay – it’s called Umgazi River Mouth Bungalows and it’s idyllic!

However, I’ve gone off track – Port St. Johns is being terrorised by shark attacks at the moment and as it is a well known and popular venue, famous for its golden beaches and huge waves, it is ringing all sorts of alarm bells. “Hysteria of the type not seen in the 1970s thriller “Jaws” is gripping the community. People have blamed curses and ritual sacrifices of animals, even loud taxi music as having lured sharks to the area,” says Pete Thomas of GrindTV.com. 16-year Zama Ndamase, a promising young surfer, is the latest victim. He was attacked and killed last Saturday.

Back in California, experienced waterman Chuck Patterson had noticed two predators circling his board earlier in the week off San Onofre in northern San Diego County, so he returned with a high-definition camera mounted on a 10-foot pole and filmed probably the same two beasts, Great Whites both, checking him out again!

heh-heh… enjoy!!! urgghhh – rather him than me!

Me my Shark and I from Chuck Patterson on Vimeo.

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