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Surfing – hard work or just for fun?

We are currently travelling and finding it difficult to make consistent internet connections – we are in Italy staying in a town called Sorrento in the bay of Naples on what is called the Amalfi coast on the west side of the country under the forbidding shadow of Mount Vesuvius.

But the only chance of finding any surf in the Mediterranean would be if Vesuvius blew its top – which it hasn’t done in a meaningful way since Roman times – remember Pompeii and Herculaneum, reference Caius Plinius?!

But that is a red herring – we were listening today to a bloke who was learning how to surf – and what we heard was something that we strongly believe in – if not always the best at practising such good advice.

What the tutor was saying to his pupil was – ‘you gotta get out there – whatever the conditions – be it good surf or bad surf.’ In other words you gotta spend time in the water if you want to get good at riding the waves.

This applies to any sport – any ‘thing’ that you may wish to become very good at. We refer to it as ‘bum hours in the saddle’ – the more you practice the better you get at doing what you are trying to do – and lets face it there is no point in doing something badly.

Anyway to help you with your surfing we thought we would find a video of instruction and so we turned to our old friends expertvillage – well of course we have opened a can of worms as they, with the help of John Hickey from Florida, have taken the subjest very seriously and professionally. What we are saying is that this will just be the beginning of some surfing lessons.

And be you an expert or a beginner it is always worth your while looking at what is said – you are being given some good advice.

Then when you have moved from the ranks of amateur you will be looking to take on some of the more serious waves as seen in the following video from marcomaui

Wow – spectacular – what can we say….hard work equals fun?

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