re-sized surfing lessons

Surfing lessons on waiting for the wave.

It is difficult to write in a headline the value of the contents of the videos,  from expertvillage , but do not underestimate these very basic but very valuable words of wisdom. In continuing with our series of blogs on how to surf we now graduate from the sand to the sea.

Of course we are now paddling out to the white water surf having learnt about the position of the body on the board and how to paddle effectively. Now you are instructed in the ‘turtle dive’, sitting on the board, how to spin a 360 so you can set your board in the right direction for the next wave.

The sequential video talks about catching a wave, reading the ocean and the currents, how to start riding the wave and getting into the standing position. Be prepared for plenty of tumbles, its all about balance and be careful your board doesn’t bounce back and hit you in the face after you have fallen off. You will – but so too will you be exhilarated and that is always worth a little humiliation! Good luck and enjoy.

We will bring probably one final ‘how to surf’ blogs – it will be all you need to get started – then it will be just a small matter of time!

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