When the State you live in is your playground

I have brought some videos to you which have been taken by a bunch of young people in Utah who “just like to have fun and if we can create some fun ideas and bring the world with us, we think it’s great.” You may recall the world’s largest rope swing? Or perhaps canal surfing?

These guys are innovative. The whole of the great wide world is around us but we tend to look no further than our noses. What did I say in one of the last articles…. give a kid an expensive toy and ten to one you will find him playing with a stick within minutes. Well, in the same vein, these guys from Utah go out and make their own fun, and here’s another video, this time it is ghetto wakeboarding:

And before I hear a collective wail from health and safety, Dallin says  “as far as that is concerned, most of us have years of experience trying out the latest and greatest in the art of thrill seeking, so we do everything in our power to analyze potential risk before we partake in activities.  We’ve had our fair share of accidents over the years, but because we generally try to follow safety precautions, we’ve always managed to have fun without anyone getting seriously injured thus far.”

If health and safety were winning the war they’d be taking the sticks away from our toddlers!

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