Scuba diving in The Bahamas

Diving In The Bahamas

Diving in the Bahamas is a must for anyone serious about scuba diving and an incredible treat for any new comers. With more then 700 islands making up the Bahamas and only about 30 being inhabited, there are literally acres of undersea life to explore and you will almost never encounter a crowd. There are a number of tours available for anyone hoping to learn diving in the Bahamas, as well as chartered boats and yachts available for travellers who want to plan their own Bahamas scuba diving trip.

One of the most popular spots for diving in the Bahamas is the water off the coast of Andros Island which boasts the third largest barrier reef in the world. The area is full of tropical fish and other fascinating aquatic life. Freeport, Abacos, the Berry Islands, and San Salvador are also excellent places for scuba diving in the Bahamas and frequently visited diving spots.

In addition to plenty of great locations, there are also a number of different types of Bahamas scuba diving options. One of the most exciting Bahamas scuba diving trips is the shark adventure. Tourists will have a chance to free swim with groups of sharks, monitored by the Bahamas diving company. Participants will also have the chance to help feed the sharks as well as take pictures with underwater cameras.

Shark diving in The Bahamas

Classes for scuba diving in the Bahamas are available through any company specializing in scuba diving. In order to become certified to scuba dive on your own, you will need to complete a series of dive classes that will last about five days. Classes for such certification are available through the Bahamas. For anyone who simply wants to dive for the day or afternoon, however, a simple class with instruction on the day of the dive will suffice. You will of course be accompanied by certified dive instructors.

The video below from StefanAveyUK shows Caribbean reef sharks which do not attack unless provoked or they mistake your hand for a fish. Depth was  15ft to 20ft and shark size up to 6ft. This video was  filmed with a Canon s80 and no extra lighting. It certainly gives a crowd a new meaning – enjoy!


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