Chios Island – for Aegean clarity

Greece is in the news at the moment due to financial problems with their monetary system in collapse but we are pleased to try to present this beautiful and ancient country in a rather different light. There are of course many places to dive but the one that is often quoted on the various dive sites is Chios Island. You can see it below on the map – on the eastern side of the Aegean Sea right up against Turkey. The Aegean is of course a smaller sea within the Mediterranean Sea.

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The Greek government is attempting to protect unsalvaged ancient sculptures, walls, and other artifacts by limiting scuba diving to a few approved areas. While this protection of heritage is commendable, it has been frustrating for divers. As scuba diving grows in popularity, it seems that some of the restrictions are “unofficially” easing. Scuba diving is allowed in all the sea areas of Greece and the Greek islands where there is no specific prohibition for the protection of archaeological sites. It is therefore always essential to check with the local dive community about where you can and cannot go.
The Chios Island diving sites are characterised by small undersea caves with paths between impressive rocks, colourful reefs, vertical walls and small shipwrecks. Shoals of salpas, tunnies, colourful wrasses, sarguses, curious combers and perch can be seen. Some are comfortable with divers and swim around their visitors making the “walk” on the bottom of the sea more enjoyable. Chios Island is good value for the money specially in months of April-June and September-October.
Visibility is normally good as can seen on the video below from djmariangelo which is a great representation of what can be seen around Chios

We will continue with this series on dive sites around Europe looking at where to go around the British Isles as our friends from Switzerland were so enthusiastic about the cold and clear British waters.

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