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Safer SCUBA diving with exitpoint technology

We are ever conscious of the high number of tragic accidents that occur to scuba divers. In our opinion it is probably the extreme sport that claims the most lives and yet some would argue that it is not even extreme.

You may have a point but what is so often forgotten is that an underwater environment is totally alien to us mere mortals. So if something does go wrong you have very little time to make amends. We cannot emphasize enough how imperative it is to take every precaution possible when using SCUBA.

We are therefore pleased to tell you about a new gadget which will help. It is called the exit point navigation system and this important and life saving technology was notified to us by

Exitpoint is an interesting piece of concept diving technology, which could potentially reduce one of the biggest dangers that inexperienced divers face, getting separated from their buddies. It provides divers with real-time information as to the location of their buddies and the exit point and works by triangulating the positions between divers and the boat. An alert is issued if a diver starts to stray out of range.

Without doubt a great device and one you would be well advised to acquire as too often it is when you loose your diving buddy and become disorientated, especially if inexperienced, that an accident could happen.

For some further safety tips for you whilst diving we have added this video from ghamlyn which gives an excellent demonstration, whilst in a swimming pool, of:
  • neutral buoyancy
  • detaching and re-attaching a side-slung deco cylinder
  • regulator swap
  • switching to deco gas
  • deployment of an SMB
  • twin-set shut-down procedures

OK – somewhat different to the ocean but take in how controlled and ordered are the procedures.


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