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Red Bull had a competition with a difference in South Africa yesterday

Camps Bay has, for as long as I can remember, been proud of its reputation of being both Cape Town’s trendiest area and the possessor of its most beautiful white squeaky clean beach. It is a popular tourist resort in the summer.

And it is to this beach that Red Bull pulled off one of its eagerly awaited stunts last night.

Red Bull Nightshift with Jordy Smith from craig jarvis on Vimeo.

The event was organised to celebrate an incredible year on the World Tour for Jordy Smith, South Africa’s number one surfer and number 2 worldwide.  Surfing with Jordy were 7 other friends: the innovative surfer from Australia, Craig Anderson and fellow South Africa’s  Damien Fahrenfort, Ricky Basnett, Travis Logie, Rudy Palmboom, Warwick Wright and Royden Bryson.

Although this was really just a stunt or expression show, surfers, being surfers, were there to impress and the proximity of  waves just metres from the shoreline was bound to make for a good spectator sport. Massive and extremely risky aerial moves were the name of the day – sorry… the night.

The waves crash virtually onto the shore at Camps Bay but powerful Red Bull jetskis were used to tow the surfers into the shorebreak to give them the speed  required for their aerial stunts.

The spectacle began at 7pm and carried on into the early hours. The beach and sea were floodlit for this night of action. “I’m stoked to be holding this event with Red Bull,” said 23 year old Jordy Smith, “Now that the World Tour is over for the year we’re just going to be having some good times in Cape Town and cutting loose on the waves of Camps Bay with the help of some jetskis.”

A few thousand Capetonians staked out the beach and watched their every move under floodlights. The event was deemed a huge success and a great night out.

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