Possibly the most dangerous sport in the world

I heard about surfing and kitesurfing in big storms, but could Kitesurfing on a tsunami wave be a new sport? Although it looks and sounds like this has been tried before I recently read that it is impossible to surf a real Tsunami seeing as they are GYNORMOUS and they don’t break until they hit land and even then, they don’t break, they just thunder on in all their fury until their energy runs out.

Amazing to break such a risky World Record

Seriously, it’s a really bad idea. A tsunami wave is huge and it’s hundreds of miles long. A huge, hundred mile behemoth which is full of energy moving at 500 mph. As the wave approaches the shoreline, the water on the front edge slows down, while the back end continues to speed along. As a result, the wave becomes extremely thick on the front end. Rather than forming nicely into a breaking, ridable wave with a face, it turns into a wall of mushy whitewater that barrels toward shore. And in that mush it is impossible for a surfboard to find a grip. Not only that, you cannot duck under the wave to escape it’s fury. A tsunami wave is a thing of motion. The entire water column,  from the seafloor to the surface, is in motion and the trough, or valley behind the wave, is hundreds of miles behind the wave, and all that water is moving toward you.

You’re likely to be pummelled… not only by the force and fury of the wave but also by all the debris it’s taking along with it for the ride.

I know this is an extreme sports site, but my advice? Don’t try!


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