re-sized Billabong XXL

No surf this weekend in California?

Well that’s bad news, but it seems to be the case.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, there is the possibility of a very small south 2- to 3-foot wind swell appearing Friday afternoon, which will be your best bet for a surf session before the upcoming doldrums.

So, as it’s Saturday and we’re off to do something exciting (though not surfing as the sea today is like a swimming pool down here in the Med), I thought I would just put a couple of teasers on the page for you… something you can dream about… for the next time.

It’s cheating rather as these fabulous waves are, of course, Teahupoo, with thanks to skatesurfsnowcom, and Teahupoo3.

For a bit of variety, have a look at some extreme Tasmanian slabs (AshBur7).

And we’ll end with a video from nzheraldtv showing the Billabong XXL nominees for 2009 on big extreme waves around the world:

Did I say a couple of teasers? Sorry, just couldn’t resist them…

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