re-sized Nelscott Reef

Nelscott Reef and a purse of $20,000

Nelscott Reef is in Oregon – in the North Pacific which means really cold water and towering waves (bnqt). Sharks too, but they’re not your main problem. The main problem are the killer waves. Only the best take part in this competition.

Nelscott Reef Tow-in Classic’s waiting period starts today – 1st October. The competition will take place in Lincoln City, Oregon, sometime between 1st October and 31st December.  As is traditional for ‘big wave’ events, the competition has to wait for the wave to be right. When that happens, surfers get 48 hours notice before the start of the competition.  Once the green light goes on, surfers from all over the world rush to Lincoln City. Last year, the green light went on when the waves hit heights of 20 to 30 feet. That was the end of November.

This year things are looking good for early swells and the North Pacific is anticipating El Nino situations.

On Saturday, 12th September , Oregon’s coast was hit with a pre-season NW swell which delivered a steady punch of unbelievable waves for the entire day. From first light to sunset, the conditions were fantastic with tons of waves, light off shores, warm skies and water temps in the high 50′ to low 60’s. Local Oregan surfers had a fine time with the waves getting bigger and better as the day progressed.

Download Marti Paradisis (640Wx427H)

This is not Nelscott Reef – merely a reminder of the type of wave they will be waiting for…

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