re-sized Cortez Bank

Mike Parsons surfs Cortez Banks

Well, we’ve done a trilogy of articles on surfing but here’s Mike Parson’s actually surfing Cortes Bank back in January – thanks to frompalmdale : by the way you don’t have to watch the whole 5 minutes unless you want to listen to Red Hot Chilli Peppers ‘Californication’ all the way to the end – it’s kinda cool – but I reckon Mike is surfing for about 1minute 10 seconds. However, imagine the buzz you get from surfing a wave of this magnitude – an extreme buzz you could say – well done Mike!

We have subsequently been advised that this is almost definitely NOT Cortes Bank as no-one wears just a spring suit at when surfing there as it only breaks during California’s winter months and no helicopter shots have been taken of Cortes Bank as it is too far out. The wave is more likely to be Peahi (Jaws) in Maui… To make up for that lapse we include here a photograph of Cortez Bank, but it’s Peter Mel surfing it not Mike Parson… phew, complicated!

Peter Mel surfing the big wave, Cortez (Cortes) Bank

Cortez Bank

Magnificent, isn’t it?

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