Leopard tamed by limp winds

We are sorry to report that Chris Sherlock and his crew of 17 on board ICAP Leopard 3 have failed in their attempt to beat the monohull record for a trans Atlantic crossing from New York to Lizard point on the west coast of England – tamed in Chris’ own words by the wind gods who turned off the fan.

They currently lie about 350 miles from Lizard point and still have nearly 24 hours to beat the record but Sherlock and his crew are realists – they are becalmed and have enough wind to leave bad gas hanging in the olfactory nerves for too long – at the moment they are not even making 7 knots so all hopes of the record have gone west.

In his blog from the Leopard Sherlock reports:

I am afraid whichever way we look at our situation we have next to zero wind and are going nowhere, let alone fast. Despite a great days sail yesterday at around 02.00hrs this morning the mighty wind gods switched the fan off for us and left us wallowing around with 420 odd Nm to the finish at lands end.

No matter how many times we look at different weather models (forecasts) or speak to Roger Badham our weather router we cannot find a way through this ridge of high pressure. When we departed NY we always knew that there was the chance of this ridge blocking the entry to the UK and we were prepared to take the risk.’

Chris Sherlock - Leopard Captain

Chris Sherlock – skipper of ICAP Leopard 3

So its not to be this year – lets just hope the gods blow a little harder should this great boat be given another chance to claim this blue ribbon next year.

Leopard Transat Record Attempt

We certainly hope she is given that chance – she looked like she would claim the record this year, being up to 250 miles ahead of the existing record set by Mari Cha IV, but then the wind died. A great disappointment for Sherlock, his crew and boat owner Mike Slade. Perhaps next year Slade will find the time to be on board – unable this year due to business commitments – now that would be a fitting end to this extreme challenge which surely the wind gods could not ignore.


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