Latest round of IFWA Jet Ski World Championship announced

Here’s a sport we haven’t talked about before – Jet Ski racing and from what we hear it is gaining in popularity and interest. Now with a world wide audience and IFWA world championship recognition it seems that Jet Ski racing has definitely taken its place alonside the other mainstream extreme sports that we write about. The article below comes from the website and the video, which is an encouraging and useful introduction to the jet ski racing world, comes from 937NM – thanks guys.

In an effort to offer another round after the cancellation of the USA event, the IFWA has determined to run an additional event, the 2008 IFWA Championship Challenge, following the Jet Waves competition in Brazil. The top 8 riders after France, Spain and Brazil will compete in this additional event and final points after France, Spain, Brazil and Championship Challenge will determine the 2008 IFWA World Champion.
The Jet Waves competition will begin on Friday September 5th with pre-qualifying, qualifying and consolation rounds. The majority of the Jet Waves competition will be held on Saturday September 6th. The Jet Waves Semi-final and Final rounds will be run on Sunday September 7th morning.
The Championship Challenge will follow the Jet Waves after Sunday September 7th lunch. It will feature the 8 IFWA points riders based upon the results of the 3 events: France, Spain and Brazil. These top 8 riders (present at the moment in Brazil) will compete in head to head 1/4 final, 1/2 final and final rounds. The event points given will be as usual: 1st: 23 points; 2nd:20 pts; 3rd: 17 pts; 4th:15 pts; losers of 1/4 finals: 12 pts.
Awards will be presented after the Champhionship Challenge on Sunday September 7th at 4:00 pm. Prize money and trophies will be given for Jet Waves. No prize money and no trophies will be given for the Championship Challenge. Trophies for top riders of 2008 IFWA Free Ride World Championship (5 in Stand-up class; 2 in Sit-Down class) will be presented by Tchello Brandão IFWA President.

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