re-sized youth conquers kitesurfing

Youth conquers all in learning how to kite surf

We picked up this story by Amie Brokenshire from The Times in Australia where a young boy proved that he was the best in the business.

11-year-old Corey Capaldo only just stands taller than his board but that didn’t stop him taking on bigger boys at Milang last weekend to win his first kite surfing trophy. Corey, who lives in Middleton, took out first place in the Junior Champion category at the South Australian Kite Surfing Association Freestyle Titles held at Milang on February 21 and 22.

Corey started kite surfing about three or four years ago after getting bored waiting on the beach while his father, Ric, was out on the water. He began playing around with the kite on the beach and taught himself how to fly it, then about a year later his dad got him the water. “I pretty much taught myself,” Corey said.

In April last year he got his own board and kite for his birthday and has been perfecting tricks ever since. But last weekend at Milang was the first time Corey had ever kite surfed competitively.

The aim is to do as many tricks as you can in the designated zone. Corey pulled off backflips and grabs to win his division and next on his agenda of tricks to learn is a toeside backflip.

Corey would definitely encourage other young people to take up the extreme sport of kite surfing. “I want some more competition because there’s not many young people doing it,” he said.

The video below from dazza5172 shows the action at Milang.

So how old do you have to be to learn how to kite surf – we thought we would do some research for you – and if nothing else give you some pointers on how to get going in this increasingly popular extreme sport.

Oh wow – we’ve opened a can of worms here – there is literally zillions of minutes of footage and advice so we will have to drip feed you. We’ll start with a couple of videos, parts 1 and 2 from siilats which is as good a place as anywhere to get going. Well how to set up the rig and how to fly the kite seems a good place to start – watch this space for further advice on how to start surfing – but let’s get the set up right to start with – thanks siilats for your great advice.

As Corey has demonstrated you can start very young – he was just mucking about on the beach with a kite from the age of 7 or 8 – got used to handling the kite – he then graduated to handling the kite whilst standing on a board. He was fortunate as he had time on his hands. Most of us cannot afford that luxury and so the advice is to take some lessons but without doubt the younger you are when you start the quicker you will learn this great sport.

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