Summer is not over until the 'San Teodoro E…vento' has happened

From the 16th – 19th September the little town of San Teodoro, 27 km from Olbia on the east coast of Sardinia, comes alive with a watersport event to crown the end of summer.

La Cinta beach is the venue for this festival celebrating windsurfing, kitesurfing and stand-up paddle surfing. This will be the fifth time the event has been held here and as before athletes from around the world have been invited to show off their extreme tricks and talents.

Perfect wind conditions and wide, safe areas make this the ideal venue for the year’s closing event which begins on Thursday 16th September and ends on Sunday. It’s the party that everyone’s been waiting for – a celebration of our favourite water sports and an invitation to return next year…

This is a long video from 2006 (MarkWhite82), the inaugural year, but evocative of what’s it all about.

There’s more to this event than racing. It also showcases new technology that is due to be released for the 2011 season with test areas to try out the equipment – horribly tempting!

And that’s not all. There will be plenty of other activities including beach tennis tournaments and a big Half Pipe where renowned  athletes will show off  their best tricks on BMX’s and rollerblades. There will be a concert on the Friday night … with a surprise… and of course non-stop beach parties and great clubs in San Teodoro itself.

The watersports racing events are not only for the worlds’ best. Kite and windsurf enthusiasts who want to test their skills against contemporaries will also have the chance to take part in competitions. There will be freestyle, in & out, match race, Freestyle Grinch Super Session for windsurfers and, most importantly and as always, the famous Long Distance Race. This is a 20 mile race which will pit you against each other and yourself – it’s a long hard endurance run.

BMW are sponsors this year and if you’re into extreme water sports you are almost bound to be into classy fast cars. Not only will you be able to admire the latest arrivals in the BMW X1 series and Z4 spider, but you’ll be able to test drive them too – with an approved BMW co-pilot of course!

Need any more incentive?

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