Sauble Beach Canada is the place you need to be for the Kitesurfing Festival

If you are anywhere near Sauble Beach on Lake Huron or are looking for something interesting to do the second weekend of September  – then Sauble Beach is the place for you.

Sauble Beach is the setting for a kite festival – the Sauble Beach Kite Jam Festival which starts on Friday, 10th September and finishes on Sunday the 12th. This is a new festival that celebrates all and everything to do with kitesurfing and kiting.  It will be a weekend filled with live music, kite and kitesurfing demonstrations along with a family flying area for these new to the sport.


Lake Huron in Ontario has kilometres of the softest beach sand and most pristine waters in the state. It was voted  “Number one Beach in Ontario” by both the Toronto Star and Maclean’s Magazine. The beautiful sand dunes of Sauble are part of an ecosystem that has evolved over thousands of years.

There was a time following the Second World War when Sauble Beach was among the dancehall capitals of Ontario. Located on the beach, it was a romantic place, just right for Saturday night strolls or cutting a rug to the sounds of many a great band. This festival aims to bring back the strain of big bands to this fabled area.

George Pocock's Kites

The roots of the spectacular sport of kite surfing go all the way back  to the 13th century, when Chinese people used kites to harness the energy of the wind to power their canoes across the ocean.

Centuries later, in the 1800’s George Pocock (a British teacher and inventor) took this technique to the next level, by designing bigger kites and using them to propel carts over land.

In the 1980’s, the first kites to be flown over water were designed and thus began the rapid growth in popularity of this exhilarating extreme  sport. Every October,  off the coast of Maui in Hawaii, the world’s most famous Kitesurfing competition, known as ”King of the Air” takes place. During this prestigious event, the most experienced competitors from around the world  represent their country in a sport that is destined to become the most spectacular of this new millennium.

Sauble Beach celebrates the evolvement of this sport and is keen that kite clubs come to the festival to fly demonstrations. For more information please go directly to their website.


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