Kitesurf your way through the summer in Brazil.

Summer in the northern hemisphere is not all about escape to the snows of the southern. If you’re seeking thrills, adventure and an extreme vacation then think no further than Brazil (UMEmbratur)…

Instead of jostling with others on the crowded beaches of Europe, why not head to one of Brazil’s many epic kite surfing spots.

what a cool day.. super wind already…

July 18th, 2010 1.53 pm

There are any number of paradisical beaches in Brazil where you can kitesurf to your heart’s content without having to jostle for position and wind.

Cumbuco for example has to be one of the best places in the world to kitesurf.  Miles and miles of empty beaches, tropical temperatures and almost guaranteed wind. At Cumbuco you have a choice between kiting on the sea where there is a small shore dump and then flat water with slight sea swell. The beach has two main sections, the upwind bay stretches from Barraca Cumbuco Beach 2km downwind to the point of the village.

Or you can head 8kms out of the village to the Cauipe Lagoon (sgarat) which is a large, shallow, freshwater lagoon fed by a small tributary river, the lagoon is separated from the sea by 200m of sandy beach. The wind blows onto the lagoon very consistently. It can handle around 30-40 kites, but even in peak season you can kite with only a few others riding. Early mornings and late afternoons are the best times…. Okay okay, so you might have to jostle for position here but you can be sure you will have a great time and with beach bars around the downward side of the lagoon what more could you want!

Or you could try Preá (HackyBrazil) and Jericoacoara.  Preá beach has a side-onshore from the right (starboard tack) and Jericoacoara At Jeri, which is only 10 kms west of Preá, has a side-offshore wind direction. It’s a 4 hour ride from the airport to these beaches, but once there you can be sure you will have the kitesurfing holiday of a lifetime… miles and miles of sandy beaches, no rocks, a choice of waves, choppy water and flat water, and other like-minded people.

Barra do Cunhaú is proud of its wind. Kitesurfers have said that “here you find the best wind for Kite-surfing”. You have two choices at Barra do Cunhaú: the mangrove and “the other side” which is a deserted sand beach. The river, actually two rivers, the Curimataú and the Catu, wind themselves along 5 kilometers of dunes and beaches, with thousands of coconut trees in the background. The ocean can have waves as high as one metre. It’s a highly thought of region, witness this PKRA course racing video for more detailed information:

The good news is that all 4 of the above resorts are a stone’s throw from each other. Well, Brazil is a big country so maybe a little more than a stone’s throw but they are all on the northenmost edge of Brazil where it juts out into the ocean, and well south of the Amazon.

Okay, another place. How’s about Florianopolis – the Magic island?  Much further south but still a ways away from the border of Uruguay. Florianopolis is an ideal spot to learn how to kitesurf. Lagoa da Conceição with its calm waters is the perfect spot for learning and Barra da Lagoa and Campeche waves are ideal for downwinds. There are shallow lagoons, many surf spots and strong winds almost every day of the year. The most famous option is Lagoa da Conceição. Floripa , as the city is known locally ,has waves that cater to all kitesurf abilities, from first time kitesurfers to the most experienced and hardcore big wave riders. Ibiraquera beach (2 hour drive from the island), is considered one of the best places in Brazil for kitesurfing.

Just a handful of the many spots in Brazil, but enough to give you something to think about for the moment I hope…

happy kiting…

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