Kitesurfing versus L’Hydroptere

It’s official. l’Hydroptere’s sensational speed sailing record has been broken … by a kitesurfer! In fact, by several kitesufers.

Yesterday, at 15h38m, Alex Caizergues, originally from Port Saint-Louis du Rhône, officially set a new World Speed Sailing Record at 54.10 knots during his 1st run in the afternoon.

Alex Caizergues: trying the American dream

Sebastien Cattelan from France is placed 2nd in the world speed sailing rankings at 52.33 knots.

Rob Douglas of the USA also topped l’Hydroptere’s record of 51.36 knots – he clocked 51.88.

Records are being smashed and it’s just the first official day of the Luderitz  speed Trials. With epic winds forecast for the whole of October who knows what other unbelieveable speeds are going to be clocked.

For the record, 54.10 knots is the same as 100.19 km/h.

The results at the end of today’s racing are as follows:

5 New National records were broken on the same day:

Kite Surfing:
USA – Rob Douglas, 51.88
Namibia – Stefan Metzger 45.02
New Zealand – Gavin Broadbent, 50.93
French Womens National record – Charlotte Consorti, 45.23
Australia -Tim Pumpa, 46.78 (best kite speed record performance)

Sweden -Anders Bringdal, 44.80.
U.K – Zara Davis, 36.99, Female World performance with Production Board

And here it is, the new World Speed Sailing record in the making:

Alex Caizergues a battu le record du Monde de vitesse absolu
envoyé par Sailingnews.

For all that, l’Hydroptere is a beauty and I’ll bet she’s going to be chasing that record again…

l'Hydroptere sailboat speed sailing records

It’s quite mind bendingly difficult to think that a kitesurfer beat all that technology. Way to go Alex!

But, today was only the first day of the Luderitz Speed Trials. With winds of 40 knots and the whole of the month of October looking favourable – anything could happen. I have a feeling that records will be constantly toppling. Made and remade until we get positively giddy. And just as it all settles down, l’Hydroptere will get out there again…

And the merry-go-round goes round and round and round.

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