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Kite surfing – playing the piano and waterstarts

Continuing our series on how to kite surf we have found two videos which we believe you will find extremely useful as a beginner to this exciting sport.

The first video from How2Kite demonstrates how to ‘play the piano’ with one hand. This is essential knowledge as when you are putting the board on your feet you only have the one hand to control the kite. By moving your hand to the right or left of the centre of the bar – as if you were playing the piano – you will find that the kite moves in the opposite direction. The skill is to have enough finesse in your hand not to over-do the correction. When putting the board on your feet you should be aiming to have the kite above your head at an imaginary 12 o’clock.

The second video from andxto99 is an excellent demonstration on how to execute the water start, we suggest one of the first and most essential lessons to learn. As we have just learned you will be keeping the kite overhead by playing the piano and you will be holding your board with your other hand. As you go into the water try to keep the kite out to sea and at a low angle as this will avoid any gust taking you airbourne when still on the beach.

Once in the water place the board in front of you and then put one foot into the boards footstrap, and then the other, making sure your feet are secure. Allow yourself to be pulled down wind by the kite.

When ready for launch you have to dive the kite into the power zone in the direction you want to go. Place the kite at 11 o’clock and dive it down to 2 o’clock and the kite will have the power to pull you out of the water. Remember to bend the knee of your back leg and extend your leading leg.

… and part 2:

Sounds easier than it is but remember there is a first time for everyone – keep practicing, take lessons, don’t rush, build your confidence.

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