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Kite surfers and their outrageous antics

Today I thought I’d have a look at some of the  outrageous things kitesurfers get up to, and the first thing I came across was this one, a stunt pulled off in November 2009:

Kite surfer jumping over Worthing pier

2 kitesurfers jumped over Worthing Pier in the UK.

The winds were gusting at more than 40 mph and the 2 kitesurfers, Jake Scrace, 25, and Lewis Crathern, 24, who had been thinking about this jump for more than 3 years but had had to wait for the perfect conditions, were out there like a flash (MadHotNews).

Both Scrace and Crathern have, between them, 16 years experience of kitesurfing, but they both admitted that the jump was potentially hazardous and should NOT be attempted by amateurs.

“It was probably the most terrifying thing I’ve ever built up to,” said Scrace. “We were practicing down the road and we were pretty confident we were going to do it but as soon as we got nearer the pier it was quite hard.”

Crathern said the jump was “epic”.

“It was everything I’ve lived for – amazing,” he enthused.

Worthing Pier, for those sticklers out there, was originally built in1862 but has subsequently been modernised and added to. It’s width is now 9.2m, and the pier head was increased to 32m to allow for a 650-seat pavilion to be built.

It was a significant jump, over 70 ft…

Here’s another… using a jetski to help you get lift-off (loiclemeur):

Walking on water? Who doesn’t want to do that (belgiumdreamwind)?

Pretty cool, huh?

Now here’s somebody just having a thoroughly lovely time (BOAZZUCKER), it’s almost like waltzing:

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