re-sized how to stand up on a surf board

How to stand up on your surf board

Returning to the subject of how to surf we move on from paddling and catching the wave to how to stand up on your surf board. As you are paddling to catch the wave you will know the wave has picked you up and instead of having to paddle you will find you are being propelled forwards by the force of the wave.

Great you are now effectively surfing so the next step is to stand up on your board – easier said than done!

We would again like to thank  expertvillage and John Hickey from Florida who have put these two videos together to give you some very sound advice.

Note John’s position on the surf board – listen carefully to his advice on how to get your feet forward, where to place your hands, how to keep your weight and body in the right position so as to maintain your balance and the motion of the board. It may look easy because John is still on dry land – something we suggest you also try so as to get the sequence of movements in the right order.

Of course it is not that easy and you should expect to take many tumbles but keep at it, as we always say, practice makes perfect. Once you are standing you will feel the power and surge of the wave as it drives you on your surfboard forward and then you will begin to understand the buzz and excitement of what surfing is…… will make you very anxious to learn more and hopefully that is what we will be able to show you over the next few days……..there is a lot more to learn!!

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