How to catch a Marlin

Now this is not your traditional ‘How To’ blog – for this is a very extreme ‘How To’ method for catching a marlin.

You see there is this bloke called Matt Watson – who perhaps not very surprisingly comes from New Zealand, yes he’s a Kiwi, who is a fisherman extraordinaire. Just to fill you in he’s a man who has probably caught on line, or otherwise, just about every fish known to man.

And when it comes to marlin Watson must hold some kind of record – he has caught on line over one thousand one hundred marlin. Of these only nine have been killed, Watson believes in taking fish for the pot but otherwise he will catch and release.

 But with that number of marlin caught on line Watson was kind of getting a bit bored. Problem………………

Gannet fishing, Moelfre, Anglesey par Richard Carter

 Photo courtesy of Richard Carter  – a gannet diving for fish at Moelfre in Wales

 ……answer – let nature inspire you in ‘how to’ do something. Enter morus bassanus, see photo above, perhaps more commonly known as the gannet.

Gannets feed on fish, which they catch by diving into the water, sometimes from a great height; a network of air sacs under the skin helps cushion the impact of the dive.

Watson would attempt to behave like a gannet by diving from a helicopter over a marlin which was swimming in the ocean minding its own business and grab hold of the marlin.

No walk in the park but after several attempts over many months this is what he was able to do and in the video below from jbbremerton you can see the extraordinary footage of how Watson gave a marlin the shock of his life when ‘Gannet Watson’ dropped in!

Certainly an extreme way to catch a fish.

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