Here´s a brilliant kitesurfing video

Thought we’d nip down to Spain for a few days and we couldn´t have chosen those days better… Wednesday – perfect, Thursday intermittent rain and a spectacular thunderstorm that night, plus rain all night. Friday the heavens opened and it poured ALL day. There were rivers in the streets, and waterfalls over stairways. We must have had at least 10 inches – or 250 mls for those of you who are into the metric system.

And on top of that, we´d been assured that our Internet connection would be brilliant. Well… it isn´t. Can´t use our Apple anywhere and are stuck with pay by the minute antique machines in cafes that never seem to open before 4 p.m.

Awesome kitesurfing video

Ah well, here´s an awesome kitesurfing video instead – needless to say the sea is like a millpond today!!!

This is Kiteboarding from Scribblevision on Vimeo.


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