William Trubridge has done it again… a 2nd world record only days after his first

On 22nd April, William Trubridge dived to 92 m breaking the CNF (constant weight no fins) world record, and yesterday (26th) he smashed his own record, reaching an astounding 95 m (311 ft) in 4 mins 7 secs.

William Trubridge celebrates 95m CNF

He performed a flawless dive ascending to the surface in complete control, looking up for a moment and rotating around the line so as to exit away from the boom.  With a clearly coherent surface protocol, it was just a matter of waiting out the 30 seconds before white cards were shown and the crew erupted, splashing water around him and congratulating him for his second no fins world record in Vertical Blue 2010.

Ryuzo Shinomiya from Japan completed a 108 meter CWT freedive in full control, for a new Japanese national record in constant weight.

Alfredo Romo, a man who only learnt how to use fluid goggles two weeks ago is now the king of depth in Mexico – 3 national records in all 3 disciplines.

Sadly Herbert Nitsch turned at 74 m and pulled up the line, and will leave this Vertical Blue without completing a dive in the CNF discipline, meaning he cannot now win the Suunto Dive-Off.

It looks like that title is going fair and square to William Trubridge.


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