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Free Diving competition in Denmark

First off, and before we even tell you what’s going on in Denmark, we must first congratulate Stefan Mifsud for his outstanding static  record breaking achievement on 8th June, 2009. 11 minutes and 35 seconds under-water. He must have gills instead of lungs! In fact – it is a fact that his lung capacity has been measured at 10.5 litres. He is 5 times world champion at static apnea.

Stefan Mifsud, 5 times world champion at static apnea - breath holding

Stefan Mifsud

Just imagine sitting stationary underwater for 11 minutes and 35 seconds. Quite incredible… Tom Sietas of Germany held the previous record of 10 mins. 12 secs. – in itself incredible.

Back to Denmark…

The Danish Sport Diving Federation – in collaboration with Sport Event Denmark and Sport Århus Events – are hosting the Free Diving Indoor World Championships in Denmark.

Århus hosts one of the world’s best freediving clubs, The Århus Freediving Club, and is the home city of one of the world’s best freedivers, Stig Åvall Severinsen, so it is an obvious place for the event.

The championship began on the 17th August and ends on the 22nd in the Århus Svømme (Swim) Stadium and the divers will compete in the individual World Championships in the following pool disciplines:

  • Dynamic with fins (DYN, swim as long as possible with fins, under water, in one breath)
  • Dynamic without fins (DNF, swim as long as possible without fins, under water, in one breath)
  • Static (STA, keep your breath as long as possible under water)

This is where the action is taking place, with thanks to  strandridder80
for the video. It is quite mesmerising. We will keep you updated with this competition…

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