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Fancy Giving Scuba Diving A Go? HURRY – time is running out!

For all of you who live in the UK, have you heard that BSAC (British Sub-Aqua Club) are actively encouraging newcomers to try scuba diving?

As part of this year’s National Try Dive event BSAC branches across the UK have a September Special on offer… for £10 you can have a lesson in a pool with a qualified BSAC instructor. You still have time to sign up for the Try Dive which takes place from the 24th – 30th September.

“It is ideal for anyone who has always wanted to try out scuba and is the first step towards learning to dive,” says BSAC. “Try Dive participants are offered a lesson, which includes poolside tuition on diving skills and equipment, followed by diving in the pool. Almost anyone from the age of 12 is welcome to come and learn to dive with BSAC.”

So why would you want to spend £10 on a wet and drizzly, cold and damp day in early autumn in Britain?

Well … because you can dream about hot sunny beaches, blue skies, coconut palms and an unbelievable plethora of marine life to be absorbed and enjoyed….

Does that not sound a good enough reason? I mean, how cool is this?

my thanks to Rebecca at Rebox671 Flikr for this wonderful photo

Then again, and here I offer my apologies to anyone in England who might have been offended by my suggestion that it might be a miserable day (!)… it could, of course, be a beautiful Indian summer day and then what better way to spend it!

We have talked a lot about scuba diving on this blog and, as you might have gathered, we love it! But we have also erred on the side of caution in our advice to anyone reading our articles that it is a very good idea to get a proper license for scuba diving – something more thorough than a quick holiday course. Water, after all, is not our natural element – and it is best to partake in the best possible training before finning down to great depths. Which is what makes this offer so interesting – not only does it introduce you to scuba diving but it also introduces you to an esteemed scuba diving license. BSAC, PADI and NAUI are probably the most recognised licenses worldwide.

Refresher courses are also a good thing. I got my BSAC license and then didn’t dive for 2 years. The next time I got into the ocean I couldn’t believe how little I remembered – and how close to panic one could become! It was a good wake-me-up call.

So, if you haven’t done it and have always wanted to, I suggest you get hold of your closest BSAC club very quickly – it’s an offer not worth ignoring.

To find out more information about Try Dive with BSAC 2008 phone the club free on 0500 947 202 or check out their website: and register online.

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