Extreme swimmer who conquers the world's rivers

We have just returned from Limone Piemonte in the Italian Alpes Maritimes to a very wet and sodden Provence. This reminded us of a story we heard whilst up in the mountains of this extraordinary and extreme swimmer who has conquered the world’s major rivers in swimming from source to mouth.

Martin Strel, who comes from the republic of Slovenia, bangs the drum for world peace and clean water – two ideals which we endorse whole heartedly – and who has had audiences with the likes of Kofi Annan, a Resolution from the United States’ House of Representatives congratulating him on his achievements and who holds the Guiness World Record for distance swimming.

The list of his achievements is more than just impressive:

  • 2002 – River Danube in Europe, more than 1,700 miles
  • 2002 – Mississippi River, USA, 2,360 miles
  • 2003 – Parana River, South America, Iguazu to Buenos Aires
  • 2004 – Yangtze River, China, 2,480 miles
  • 2007 – River Amazon in 66 days, 3,274 miles

The ‘fishman’ as he is sometimes called has had to battle many elements of both physical and mental challenge as he has conquered these marathons – these achievements are truly extreme.

In his own words:

Being a pioneer in the exploration of the world’s longest rivers has become part of my life………..No one knows your capability as well as you do and no one knows how big you can dream and how far you can go.

Below in the video from amazonswim you can watch his triumphs – we add our congratulations and respect.



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