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Extreme luck in surviving shark attack

They say there is a 300 million to 1 chance of surviving an attack by the great white shark. They also say that the reason a great white will attack a human is because of mistaken identity. If attacked and you survive you could therefore consider yourself a lottery winner – or you might consider yourself insulted – do you really look like a seal?!

Whichever way you look at it the extraordinary case of David Miles, who was attacked whilst diving for abalone off the northern coast of California in 1993, and who lived to tell the story, was in his own words ‘a lottery winner’.

David had gone searching for abalone with a group of friends and they were no more than 100 yards off shore in visibility of 15 to 20 feet – conditions were ideal – but what they hadn’t reckoned on was the presence of a great white shark. As David returned to the surface he was taken head first by the shark and had his head and shoulders engulfed by the sharks mouth.

In his own words he thought ‘it was the end’ and he could hear the shark’s teeth breaking off on his head and then for some reason the shark let go of him and he was able to swim to some nearby rocks which he scrambled up.

David and his friend had to go back into the water where they knew the shark had been but they could not stay on the rock – David needed emergency treatment and was bleeding badly from his wounds. Fortunately they were not attacked again and they made it to the shore where David was rushed to hospital and was sown up with more than 100 stitches.

No surprises there but what a truly incredible story which we tend to conclude is more one of great fortune than insult! Check out the story in the video below from roggezzinho – it will certainly have you looking over your shoulder the next time you go into the water.

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